Wednesday 21 August 2019

Adult membership form & Club documents

The Adult Membership Form is attached please click on the link below to download and return to the membership secretary, or any other committee member. Thank you.

The current club constitution is also available for you to download plus other club policies.

Download this file (GDPR Policy - 2018.pdf)PGC GDPR Policy[PGC GDPR Policy]247 kB%2019-%01-%12 %0:%Jan%+00:00
Download this file (GDPR Statement 2018.pdf)PGC GDPR Statement[PGC GDPR Statement ]163 kB%2019-%01-%12 %0:%Jan%+00:00
Download this file (PGC - Code of Practice for web site.doc)Code of Practice[Code of Practice]1469 kB%2015-%08-%10 %0:%Aug%+00:00
Download this file (PGC - Code of Practice Use of Rowing Machines for web site.doc)Use of rowing machines[Use of rowing machines]1470 kB%2015-%08-%10 %0:%Aug%+00:00
Download this file (PGC - Grievance Policy Procedure for web site.doc)Grievance Policy Procedure [Grievance Policy Procedure ]1502 kB%2015-%08-%10 %0:%Aug%+00:00
Download this file (PPGC - Policy for Protecting Children and Vulnerable Adults.pdf)Safeguarding Policy[Safeguarding Policy]163 kB%2018-%08-%03 %0:%Aug%+00:00
Download this file (PPGC Constitution - Amended 14.11.17 use for 2018.pdf)Clubs Constitution[Club Constitution]214 kB%2017-%12-%24 %0:%Dec%+00:00
Download this file (PPGC-Adult-Membership Form-2019-3.pdf)Adult membership form 2019 (Updated)[Adult membership form 2019 (updated)]215 kB%2019-%02-%22 %0:%Feb%+00:00
Download this file (RowSafe-BR-2017.pdf)Row Safe Information[Row Safe Information]3152 kB%2017-%06-%06 %0:%Jun%+00:00