Friday 24 January 2020

Gig-gle Newsletter -Click Here.

Every month Jill Hoather produces a newsletter " The Gig-gle" for all the members, if you wish to submit an article to the newsletter please email Jill on the link below; Laughing

To view past newsletters please click on the attachments below;

Download this file (PPGC  Gig-gle April 2013.pdf)PGC Gig-gle April 2013[April 2013]332 kB%2013-%04-%21 %0:%Apr%+00:00
Download this file (PPGC  Gig-gle March 2013.pdf)PGC Gig-gle March 2013[March 2013]357 kB%2013-%03-%26 %0:%Mar%+00:00
Download this file (PPGC August 2013 Gig-gle (13).pdf)PGC Gig-gle August 2013[August 2013]308 kB%2013-%09-%01 %0:%Sep%+00:00
Download this file (PPGC Gig-gle Feb 2013.pdf)Feb Gig-gle 2013[Feb 2013]310 kB%2013-%03-%26 %0:%Mar%+00:00
Download this file (PPGC Gig-gle May 2013.pdf)PGC Gig-gle May 2013[May 2013]335 kB%2013-%05-%27 %0:%May%+00:00
Download this file (PPGC GIG-GLE Spring 2014.pdf)Gig-gle Spring 2014[Gig-gle Spring 2014]1069 kB%2014-%06-%03 %0:%Jun%+00:00
Download this file (PPGC July 2013 Gig-gle (11).pdf)PGC Gig-gle July 2013[July 2013]310 kB%2013-%08-%15 %0:%Aug%+00:00
Download this file (PPGC June 2013 Gig-gle (10).pdf)PGC Gig-gleJune 2013[June 2013]375 kB%2013-%07-%01 %0:%Jul%+00:00
Download this file (PPGC Media Gig-gle Nov-Dec 13(1).pdf)PGC Gig-gle Nov/Dec 2013[Nov/Dec 2013]485 kB%2013-%11-%28 %0:%Nov%+00:00
Download this file (PPGC Media Gig-gle Sept 2013.pdf)PGC Gig-gle Sept 2013[Sept 2013]226 kB%2013-%10-%28 %0:%Oct%+00:00
Download this file (PPGC_Gig-gle Jan 2013 (4).pdf)Jan Gig-gle 2013[First giggle of 2013]303 kB%2013-%02-%06 %0:%Feb%+00:00

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